Introducing Albert Starreveld | Azure DevOps Consultant | Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
2 October, 2019 - 3 minute read

Meet Albert he is an Azure DevOps Consultant for Xpirit. Watch the video below to hear stories about organizations taking on DevOps and Cloud transformation, and how these tools improve productivity.

The Human

Albert Starreveld is an Azure DevOps Consultant, but outside of the office, he is a professional wakeboarder and rollerblader. He doesn't believe in bucket lists. However, if someone were to ask him to make one up, he would say sleeping in an igloo.

The Professional - Azure DevOps Consultant

Albert is primarily focused on continuous delivery with Microsoft Azure technologies. He finds joy in helping professionals and teams ship their software to production safely, and without too many risks. As a DevOps consultant, his main tasks include writing software to help product owners create proper user stories. Once he has successfully done that, he helps the product owners translate user stories into test scenarios. He aims to help teams get products into production quickly, by implementing the right technologies. 


He started his career in DevOps with test automation. To better improve his skills and knowledge, he would surround himself with great colleagues. Together, they would work on test automation and share experiences. Through that practice and experience, he started to understand what is continuous delivery and how to do it safely.

Albert loves to share his knowledge and experiences, and guess what, he has a blog. He is very passionate about his work and thinks blogs are a great way to share knowledge. He writes it mainly for his colleagues. He hopes that when there is a problem, they can just fire up the page and read about it.

Xpirit - Experts in Azure Cloud and DevOps

Albert works for Xpirit and they are focused on helping their clients implement and utilize the Microsoft stack effectively.


Xpirit is a consultancy group focused on helping their clients implement and utilize the Microsoft stack effectively. They help big financial companies transition to DevOps with Azure. By helping teams focus on the right projects and implement the right software operations and culture to ship products to production automatically.

Xpirit has a vast amount of knowledge in cloud, Azure devOps, and Azure. They use their knowledge and years of experience to help companies to migrate their software to the Azure platform.


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