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by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 3 minute read

Meet Maira - she’s an expert in DevOps and Automation. We’re working with her and a few of her Xpirit colleagues to create premium tech training content. She’s an amazing DevOps expert from the Netherlands.

The Human

Maira likes to be called an Environmental Architect. Her most memorable moment is the day she has the opportunity to have an impact on the environment in a big way. 


It was when she was at a client’s office, while she was talking to the chief officer, he had noticed, she brought her own cup to the coffee machine. 


He was curious to understand why she brought a cup from home. She explained to him the impact plastic cups have on the environment and asked him to count how many cups he uses a day. 


Over the next few days, the chief officer and the whole team came with their own cup. Apart from the excitement of being a DevOps and Automation consultant, these moments are what make her heart tick faster.

The Professional - DevOps Consultant for Xpirit 

A DevOps and automation consultant is someone who guides, transforms, and challenges people to do better. A DevOps transformation begins with the individuals from there it can transcend to teams and even whole departments. 

Xpirit - Microsoft and Azure DevOps Consultant

At Xpirit, they focus on coaching journeys. It might be a company's journey towards new technologies or culture. 

Their main focus is on transforming teams' mentality and making a business impact on improving technical processes. From day one, their ultimate goal to eliminate themselves from the organization's processes. Xpirit's strategy is to teach teams effectively, so when the time comes for the consultants to leave, the company can manage on their own.


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