Introducing Patrick the Software Engineer | Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
18 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Meet Patrick - He is an expert in software - Together with him, we’re working on creating useful learning content on all topics software development. Check out the video to see what challenges he has experienced through so far as a developer. 

The Human

Patrick likes fitness, football sports, movies, food like lots of food, and anime. In fact, he has watched so much anime that he can almost speak Japanese. 

The Professional - Software Consultant for Xebia Studio

Patrick currently works at Xebia Studio, a unit of Xebia, as a software engineer slash consultant. 


Patrick started fresh out of university as a technical application manager at Blokker holding. A big company in the Netherlands with labels like Blokker, Intertoys, and Leen Bakker. At Blokker, his main responsibilities were related to database management, developing, and maintenance of applications.  Later on, he went over to Nextel, a retail e-commerce company. There he was hired as software engineer and started learning GO lang, javascript, vue.js, Google Cloud, and all of the infrastructures Nextaill had set up.


He describes a software engineer / consultant as someone who builds stuff, breaks stuff, and does it on a day-to day-basis. They are the ones that help companies become better than what they currently are while also build awesome projects. 

Xebia Studio - Innovation as a Service


Xebia Studio is a part of the Xebia Umbrella. The team is focused on product development, product design, product maintenance, innovation, and product testing. They do a couple of things that are different from their main competitors and other consultants. First of all, they work as a team, that is out-sourced to other companies. Second, for the most part they work separately from the client. Unless if it's necessary for the team to go to the client, they will not be spending much time in their office. Xebia Studio builds fast, effectively, and in an innovative way!



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