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by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Chris explains what it means to be a cloud consultant. He works with Azure, AWS, GCP. Find out what it means to be a cloud consultant for an organization.


What is a Cloud Consultant? 

A cloud consultant is somebody who guides the customer in their journey to move into the public clouds and doesn't really try to enforce or sell the technology on the customer but try to understand what the customer wants to achieve. Helping them in the process embrace and get used to the public cloud.

Chris the Azure DevOps & Automation Expert

Chris has been working At Xpirit for three years now. He is currently doing assignments at a financial institution in the Netherlands, helping them to move and do totally new workloads with Microsoft Azure.

What are your biggest challenges?

His biggest challenge is when he is assigned to a job where their people are afraid of the implementing cloud.  Usually, when he enters his client’s office, they are already used to working in a specific way and doing things on-premise. Teams only know a certain process and don’t want to change. These types situations are the hardest to manoeuvre. 

Chris’s suggestion on how to keep up to date as a Software professional?

Chris keeps up as a professional by using big knowledge base sites such as; YouTube or Pluralsight. He also suggests people go to knowledge exchange events, conferences, and meetups. Take the challenge to not only attend meetups but also present something to the community. 


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