What is a UX Designer? | Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Emrys is a UX Designer for Xebia Studio. He explains what is UX design, what is the role of UX designer, and what is the biggest challenge of being a UX Designer. 



What is a UX Designer? 

UX designers are people that look after the whole user experience from beginning to end - for the end-user. Everything they touch, feel, or see.


The user journey can begin with their first trigger on social media till up until they reach the sales page or make a conversion on a product or service website.

Biggest challenge

His biggest challenge is giving the best user experience for the end-user, while also pleasing the business. For him the hardest part is when he has meetings with his stakeholders or with people who could give him input.


The challenge is in understanding people and their problems. Then trying to solve those problems. A lesson he has learned is, in order to come up with a solution for a problem, first he needs to understand the person in question and also the other people involved. 


It is easy for an expert to walk into a room, thinking they know everything, and not listen to the client. 

Emrys’s suggestion on how to keep up to date as a Software professional?

As a UX professional you should keep up to date by listening to and understanding people. so a lot of things involving his job is talking to people and trying to understand them He believes, too many times experts do not try to listen and understand, oftentimes falling behind on their hours. His tip is that people should talk to each other and engage with their community or stakeholders. Communication and exchange of knowledge is the key. 


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