What is an Azure DevOps Cloud Consultant? | Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
2 October, 2019 - 2 minute read


What does an Azure DevOps Cloud consultant do? Azure expert, Albert describes his role in tech transformations and gives a few tips for learning. Watch the video to learn more.

Albert the Azure Cloud Consultant

Albert Starreveld is an Azure consultant for Xpirit. Currently, his project involves a natural gas shipping company. They hired him to help build software that will control a gas factory, pumping gas into a gas network that runs through the Netherlands. 


His daily activities are mainly focused on writing software, helping product owners to create proper user stories, and translating that into test scenarios.

Biggest Challenge

Albert's biggest challenge is bringing professionals together and getting them to work as a team. His goal is to have everyone within a team understand each other. Then everyone can successfully communicate what are their goals and objectives and what tasks they have to do to reach their goals. And eventually, this will lead to delivering stuff together as a team. 

Albert’s suggestions on how to keep up to date as an Azure Cloud Professional?

For Albert, the reason to keep up to date with new technologies and theories is, to find the best approach and strategy for solving a problem. There are many solutions out there for the same problem. The trick is to find the solution that best fits an organization's circumstances and recourses. So then the question is, how does one do that? Albert suggests taking a deep look into the theory. If anyone wants to know what is new in tech; order books, read a lot of blogs, and watch videos on important topics.  


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