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by Katy Andreeva
26 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Find out what is an Azure DevOps Consultant. Maira Camu, an expert in Azure from Xpirit shares what is the role of a DevOps and Automation Consultant in an organization. Watch the video to learn more. 

Maira the Azure DevOps & Automation Expert

Maira has been working at Xpirit for over a year now. What she really enjoy about her job is the human side of the DevOps. Maira spends most of her time coaching teams, inspiring people, giving presentations, workshops, and working with people one-on-one on improving their technical capabilities.

Biggest Challenge

Her biggest challenge is being open-minded around other people who are framed within their knowledge and have an “ I can’t do this” attitude. These types of people tend to not open to new suggestions and that's her hurdle to successful help her clients. She tries to be creative while having an open mind on how to work with different people and inspire professionals to open to new ideas. 

Maira’s suggestions on how to keep up to date as an Azure Devops Professional?

Maira learns by keeping her ears open about new technologies and using them every day. A few of her suggestions for learning about new technologies are tv shows, podcasts, colleagues, and events. 


She likes to learn and gain inspiration through out-of-the-box channels, like a Netflix show with a story plot around security. If she is in a traffic jam, she’ll listen to podcasts focused on topics about new technologies or cloud. But most importantly, when she finds an idea or technology interesting, she will share it with her colleagues. For example, she got a cool idea about looking into some new things in magic mirror using a Raspberry Pi. So what did she do? When her team has Innovation days, together they explore the possibilities. 


Lastly, she suggests attending conferences such as tech-Rama, they are fun and very informative. 


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