What is a Cloud Migration and SRE? Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Frank Levering is an expert in Cloud Migration and SRE, he has helped many companies in their cloud and DevOps transformations. Watch the video to hear how companies can benefit from cloud migration and SRE.




Cloud transformation is when a company wants to adopt cloud technologies to their processes. Companies hire cloud professionals to help them create and implement a cloud strategy within the organization. To succeed with cloud migrations companies need to go to production fast.


Site Reliability Engineering a.k.a SRE is a methodology used to create more reliable systems and more reliable applications. SRE doesn't only impact a company's IT department ,but also the business and whole organization. 

How does Cloud Migration and SRE impact companies?

Frank names three ways cloud transformations impact businesses. First, cloud transformation impacts software delivery, the speed of sovereignty, and the speed of software delivery. Second, companies can lower their costs with cloud since it is often cheaper than a data center. Third, SRE is creates more reliable systems. This means companies will experience happier customers or end-users since their product is more reliable than before.

Proudest professional accomplishments in Cloud Migration

Frank's proudest moment at work was when, he with his team, created a software system and an infrastructure around it for his previous employer. The aim was to create a great product to offer to their clients. He is proud of this project because of the emotional investment they had put into it to get that project live and in production.

What drives him day-to-day?

The fact that computers and servers are just fun to work with. They're fun to play around with. They are intriguing. They never work the way you expect. The uncertainty drives him everyday to do better.


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