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by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 3 minute read

UX designer explains gamification. Learn why gamification is important for business and how it effects customers. Watch the video below to learn how. 

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of game design principles in a non-gaming environment. The aim is to get especially a design type of behavior or teach someone something and get offered

What technical skills do you need to have to for gamification

To implement gamification you need to know game design principles. Be aware of the latest technology, the influence of social media, and especially psychology to understand the client.

Why is Gamification important to business impact?

Gamification is important for business because they want to get the desired type of behavior from their customers or end-users. To get them to buy something or work harder. Allow them to work collaboratively instead of on their own. 


There are two ways for a company to get a better outcome. One of those is to incorporate competition and give rewards to the top performers and the other is to let them do it collaboratively, create groups and rewards. 


These two ideas are the most principles in gamification. It is not about putting actual games into a normal organizational structure or a sales tool.

Proudest professional accomplishments in Gamification?

Emrys has built an awesome app for children with dyslexia. The app gives children a helping hand in reading by scrolling at the medically to give them feedback on their reading abilities to get them further in life and to close the gap between them and ours. So they also can breathe and have fun with it. 

What drive him day-to-day?

What drives him every day is curiosity. He has been playing games ever since when he was a little kid.  As he got older he wanted to understand, what intrigued people to keep on playing games, do certain actions, and play for large amounts of time. He’s been doing this for four years, and his curiosity never ends.


He believes there is a really interesting factor in games that gets everyone hooked. The thing that gets a player to keep coming back. Every day he is a step closer to figuring it out.  


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