What is Security Awareness? | Transformation | Instruqt

by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 2 minute read

Carlo is an expert in security awareness. Typically people think it only about informing others not to share your passwords on a post it which is good advice, but there is more. Watch the video to find out!



Security Awareness

Security awareness is about having a company be able to respond to security issues with cunning plans to address difficult topics. It does go way deeper than a password and post its. If you're a developer, security awareness is about secure development. If someone an architect, security is about secure architecture. The topic of security falls into many topics in tech.

How does Security Awareness impact business?

So the most important thing about security awareness is that it is no longer a topic only for the security specialist or security domain. It's a topic for everybody. And whatever your role is in a company if you work with the information, you have something to do with information security. Maybe it is about looking beyond your computer or maybe it's about learning a new skill that you didn't know you need before the security field.

Proudest professional accomplishments in Security Awareness?

Carlos has been working in the IT security for 12 years. In those 12 years, he has achieved many things. His proudest moment is when he helped a large financial company implement a large secure development lifecycle process. The while they were in still transition of becoming to a more agile company. 


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