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by Katy Andreeva
20 September, 2019 - 3 minute read

Patrick is a software development expert at Xebia Studio. He's day-to-day involves developing, designing, testing, maintaining, and evaluating software. Watch the video to learn what it takes to do software development.

Software development

Software development encompasses a lot of things. It is working on developing technical products such as a websites, apps, cloud technology, blockchain, micro-services, almost anything IT.

What technical skills do you need to have for software development?

A software developer could get started by learning; GO lang, javascript, vue.js, Google Cloud.

How can software development impact businesses?

Software development helps business get a new or revamped version of an existing product into the hand of the user, as fast as possible.  From there, development teams can improve said product though valuable feedback from the end user with iterations. This helps ensure businesses are building products that the user will actually use.

The proudest professional accomplishments of a software engineer?

Patrick may be at the beginning of his career, but he already has some great accomplishments on the back of his belt. His most proud professional achievement was when he gained the trust of a client he had been working with for quite a while. Here is the story.


He was assigned to project where, he had to do tasks he had never done before. Literally learning on the job. He had to take on the role of project manager and learn how to make a plan of action based on the team's capabilities. It took a lot of patience and courage to take on the project, but he took in strides.


Later on, with his strong work ethic he had built up some credit within the client. They knew who he was and listened to him when he felt that they were going in the wrong direction.

What drives him day-to-day?

Patrick is driven by doing something he actually enjoys. He's working with people he likes, doing what he likes, while making a difference. He doesn't need more motivation than that!


He believes, "You should be driven all the time! Why would you be lacking any drive? Why would you be demotivated? If you are experiencing a lack of drive, that usually means like you're doing something that you don't like".


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