Instruqt Talk at CNCF event: Our Identity Crisis and Market Research

by Katy Andreeva
11 September, 2019 - 4 minute read

We enjoy being a part of the IT community. So last month our Marketing Manager, Julian Jay Roux, was invited to give a talk at a CNCF meetup called Kubernetes at NMBRS.

In the talk, he gave the Amsterdam tech community an honest look at Instruqt’s business plan. He shared his story and how nearly two months of market research has shed light on the realities of learning in tech.

He took a deep looking to a survey he had designed and collected on-site at some important tech conferences such as KubeCon. All research validates the importance of the online community, and show a strong disconnected between tech professionals and management when it comes to learning and development.



Here is an overview of his talk:

Julian started working at Instruqt at the beginning of May. He was hired by the team, “to set up a traffic generating inbound funnel and build a community for the open platform." But that didn't last for long. Almost the next day, he was unhired by the director, who wanted a sales guy. He wanted someone who would "make 20 phone calls per day and land the first 20 enterprise-level customers".

What did this mean for him? It meant he was no longer just a marketing guy but now also a sales guy. Having this big challenge ahead of him, he needed to understand how to do sales and market research at the same time.

You may not know this, but Instruqt started as an accidental company. Until a year ago, it was an internal tool being passed around, between business units. Since then, it has launched as an official company, without any market research.

When time is not your friend, you need to start getting creative. He started brainstorming strategies. He then came up with the idea of going to tech events, surveying people, and better understand their wants and needs. It turned out being the key to fixing all his problems. Consequently, it also led to some interesting facts about IT professionals and their demand for learning in the current IT environment.


So far through his survey, Instruqt has found that


1. Organizations should provide training to their employees every 9 months - if not continuously.


2. 1 in 4 people, feel that the training and up-skilling resources within their company are terrible or inadequate. 


3. A lot of people learn new technologies through online communities


4. There is a disconnected between tech and management when it comes to learning.


Conclusion: Though it may be self-evident to ‘techies’ that learning transcends company borders - management still has a lot to learn.


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