How Google Cloud Boosts Attendee Engagement; Virtual or Not

Have you ever walked into a conference with the hope of learning something new? Then, a few hours later, you realize all you’ve really done is waste your time listening to a series of sales pitches. Imagine walking into a conference, where you see a booth that actually gives you the opportunity to develop new skills while having a good time. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Watch this 35-minute webinar to  learn:

✔️How Google Cloud manages to stand out from the crowd at tech conferences and encourages attendee engagement and networking using the Instruqt Arcades.
✔️Why the challenge-driven approach meets the needs of the modern learner when it comes to learning.
✔️How technology companies can be innovative and scale their customers’ training  by using a learning platform that is both fun and effective.

Watch the Webinar!

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